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One Million Thanks!

Memory Eternal: Matushka Anne Hopko

The Prophet Muhammad’s Affection for Christians

Time to Boycott Uncut Mountain Press

Leaked: Metropolitan Joseph under Investigation for 16-Year Affair with Married Woman

Church of Ukraine Requests Ecumenical Patriarchate to Consolidate Global Orthodox Censure of Patriarch Kirill

Metropolitan Joseph’s Affair: The Email

Memory Eternal: Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware)

From the Public Record: Metropolitan Joseph Co-Owns Two Homes with His Victim

 ROCOR Archbishop’s Thirst for Ukrainian Blood Makes National Headlines

Message from the Antiochian Archdiocese re: Metropolitan Joseph’s Affair

Who in the World Is “Bishop G. Joseph”? Unanswered Questions for Metropolitan Joseph

Antiochian Archdiocese Attempts Damage Control by Silencing the Clergy

Metropolitan Joseph’s Affair(s): “Resignation” Is not Enough

The Metropolitan Joseph Scandal: Orthodoxy in Dialogue Compels Response from Patriarch John of Antioch

The Metropolitan Joseph Scandal: Notes from the Parishes

Metropolitan Joseph’s Net Worth Reportedly between $1,000,000-$3,000,000

The Metropolitan Joseph Scandal: The Final Outrage

The Metropolitan Flies to Damascus: Updates from Englewood and Around the Archdiocese

The Metropolitan Joseph Scandal: Update from Patriarch John of Antioch

Note to Patriarch John: The Archdiocese’s Corruption Runs Deeper than the Metropolitan’s Tawdry Affairs

Breaking: Patriarch John Questions Metropolitan Joseph

The Metropolitan Joseph Scandal: Insider Sources Report that His Days as an Acting Hierarch Are Over

Metropolitan Joseph’s Adulteries: Why the Silence and Delays? Where the Transparency?

ROCOR Elects New Primate

The Metropolitan’s Adulteries: Patriarch John, Transparency, and the Logic of Al-Zehlaoui’s Resignation

Note to Patriarch John and Board of Trustees: Al-Zehlaoui’s Long History of Adultery

The Adulterous Metropolitan’s Pathetic Attempt to Retain (Regain?) His Dignity

The Far Reach of the Metropolitan Joseph Scandal: Evidence of Criminal Wrongdoing?

The Practical Performativity of an Orthodox Pro-Whole-Life Ethic

Patriarch John Formally Removes Metropolitan Joseph from Office

Communiqué Not for the Eyes of the Laity: Metropolitan Joseph to Be Commemorated until Further Notice

Orthodox Parish Serves Autistic Community

Temporary Operating Committee Meets; Adulterous Ex-Metropolitan Continues to Be Commemorated Liturgically, Glorified on Archdiocese Website

Winter Gear for a Homeless Gay Married Couple in Toronto

Adulterous Ex-Metropolitan Spearheading Petition for His Own Reinstatement?

Disgraced Ex-Metropolitan and Sycophantic Priest Move Their Petition to Change(.)Org

When Does Healing Begin?

Pre-Synod Instructions from Patriarch John to Englewood

Father Michael Habib’s Identity as “Son of Antioch” Confirmed

Metropolitan Joseph’s Voicemail: “Hello, Sweetheart, How Are Yooouuu?”

The Wider Context of the Metropolitan Joseph Scandal

How Many Names and (Shared) Addresses Does the Former Metropolitan Have?

Joseph Al-Zehlaoui…aka…aka…aka…aka…How Many Names, Indeed?

Joseph Al-Zehlaoui and Jasminka Chenich Gabrie

The Joseph Al-Zehlaoui Scandal: Holy Synod of the Church of Antioch Convenes Today

Leaked from the Patriarchate: Investigator’s Secret Report on Metropolitan Joseph

Is There an Echo in Englewood?

Montenegro Holds Pride March despite Opposition from Church

A Punch in the Gut

“Investigation” Directed by Then-Metropolitan Joseph Himself

Leaked: Update from the Holy Synod

Antiochian Parishes Considering Move to Greek Archdiocese

The Greatest Scandal of All Comes from the Holy Synod: Adulterous, Predatory, Family-Destroying Metropolitan Faces No Consequences for His Actions, Treated Same as Other Retired Bishop 

Sexual Predator and “Former Metropolitan” Finally Ditched from Liturgical Commemoration

Patriarchal Vicar Appointed for Antiochian Archdiocese’s Post-Al-Zehlaoui Transition

Beyond the Pale of Nauseating: Adulterous, Predatory, Former Metropolitan’s Final Auto-Hagiography

Patriarchal Vicar Greets Antiochian Archdiocese

Russia Intensifies War against LGBTQ Citizens and Visitors; Patriarch Kirill Approves

Patriarch John Summons AOCA Bishops, Temporary Operating Committee to Balamand

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