Submission Guidelines

We consider queries and full manuscripts for articles of no more than 1000 words that have not appeared elsewhere. You need not be Orthodox to write for us, but your topic should engage with Orthodox thought or praxis in some way. To encourage conversation we welcome submissions that respond to previous articles on Orthodoxy in Dialogue or elsewhere. Send us your very best writing, yet accessible to non-specialist readers.

We seek submissions expressive of a wide range of viewpoints. Our writers should avoid a combative or polemical tone.

We also welcome book reviews of no more than 750 words. We suggest that you check with us first to confirm our interest in the book.

Your query in the body of an email or your full manuscript in a Word document should include a two or three sentence biographical blurb with academic and/or professional credentials. If you have a blog or personal website, we will be happy to link to it in your bio.

Send queries or manuscripts to We respond within four weeks to all submissions. The decision to publish is made by editorial consensus.