Submission Guidelines

Note: Submissions which egregiously disregard these guidelines will not receive the courtesy of a response.
If you are 13 to 15 years of age and wish to write for us you must get your parent or legal guardian to submit your manuscript or inquiry from his/her email address. If you are 16 to 18 years of age you may contact us directly.
See also Getting Your Papers Read on via Orthodoxy in Dialogue.

We seek queries and full manuscripts for articles of 1000 or so words that have not appeared elsewhere. We consider somewhat longer articles at our discretion if a shorter treatment will not do a topic justice. We also welcome first-time translations of previously published articles. 

Occasionally, however, we deem a previously published article to be important enough to republish. Contact us if you wish to propose a published article for our consideration, whether authored by yourself or someone else. 

We are happy to consider the occasional long-form article for publication either as a single piece or serially. Contact us with your proposed topic, basic outline, and anticipated word count, not with a completed manuscript.

Avoid footnotes, but include brief parenthetical or hyperlinked sources where appropriate.

If you wish to interview someone for Orthodoxy in Dialogue, contact us first to gauge our interest in your prospective interviewee. Your query should include a Word document with the questions that you intend to ask your subject. See our Call for Interviews for more details.

You need not be Orthodox to write for us, but your topic should engage with Orthodox thought or praxis in some way. To encourage conversation we welcome submissions that respond to previous articles on Orthodoxy in Dialogue or elsewhere. Send us your very best writing, yet accessible to non-specialist readers.

We seek submissions expressive of a wide range of viewpoints. Our writers should avoid a combative or polemical tone.

See our calls for articles for our seven ongoing series:

We also welcome summaries and reviews of books published during the current or preceding calendar year. Summaries are to be written by the author(s) or editor(s) of the book in question. See our Call for Book Summaries and Reviews for additional details.

Finally, reach out to us if you have a professional quality video that you would like to share with our global, mainly Orthodox audience. (See here and here for examples of how we can present your video.)

Your query in the body of an email or your full manuscript in an attached Word document should include a two or three sentence biographical blurb with academic and/or professional credentials. If you have a blog or personal website, we will be happy to link to it in your bio.

Do not send your article in the body of your email, and do unlock editing in your Word document.

Send queries or manuscripts to We respond within four weeks to all submissions. Do not contact the editors on Facebook for this purpose. 

As a courtesy you should obtain our consent before cross-posting your article elsewhere, whether in its original or a revised version. Failure to do so may result in its removal from Orthodoxy in Dialogue and our unwillingness to work with you again.