wheelOn August 27, 2017, less than a week after Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s official launch, we published our second editorial: “Same-Sex Love: The Church Needs a Conversation.” This remains one of our most popular articles of all time, currently sitting in 11th place.

Since then, a full 64 of our 274 articles—roughly 25%—have been archived under the separate category of Sexuality and Gender in our Archives by Author

The current, double issue of The Wheel (13/14 | Spring/Summer 2018) represents an enormous contribution to this conversation. For their boldness in grappling publicly with these complex questions in the face of inevitable backlash from certain quarters in the Church, we commend unreservedly editors Inga Leonova, Joseph Clarke, Katherine Kelaidis, and Gregory Tucker. 

We also commend each of the contributors. With the theme of Being Human: Embodiment and Anthropology, the issue features To Our Readers by the editors, a Foreword by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware), an Editorial by Father Andrew Louth, and articles by the following authors: Father John Behr; Marjorie Corbman, Steven Payne, and Gregory Tucker; Beth Dunlop; Brandon Gallaher; Father John Jillions; Katherine Kelaidis; Bradley Nassif; Aristotle Papanikolaou; Giacomo Sanfilippo; Father Vasileios Thermos; Father Alexis Vinogradov; and Christos Yannaras.

Reflective of Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s continuing commitment to our part in this conversation, we issue this Call for Articles to prospective respondents representative of all sides of the questions raised in The Wheel. We have created a separate category for this project in our Archives by Author.

There are any number of approaches possible. You may respond to Issue 13/14 as a whole, to a specific article, or to a select number of articles. We require only that you write in an intelligent, non-confrontational, pastoral manner. Ad hominem attacks directed at The Wheel‘s editors or contributors, or at LGBTQ people in general, will simply not be tolerated: there are other websites where that is welcome. Be sure to check our Submission Guidelines for other general requirements.

To create a level playing field, we will adhere to a strict 2000-word limit—exclusive of your bio—for this project.

You may be an academic or not, clergy or not, Orthodox or not: all are welcome to have their say. Share this Call for Articles with your colleagues who may be interested in participating.

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In due course all of the articles will be released one by one for public viewing online. If you intend to read the article(s) online to which you wish to respond, it will be necessary to check here daily and click on the graphic of the article(s) that interest(s) you.

Orthodoxy in Dialogue seeks to promote the free exchange of ideas by offering a wide range of perspectives on an unlimited variety of topics. Our decision to publish implies neither our agreement nor disagreement with an author, in whole or in part.
A blessed Apostles Fast to our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.
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