About Orthodoxy in Dialogue

Orthodoxy in Dialogue launched in August 2017 to provide a space for the discussion of topics relevant to Orthodox Christianity. Reflective of our commitment to Orthodox, ecumenical, and interfaith dialogue, we publish writers who represent a wide spectrum of interests and perspectives both within and outside the Orthodox Church.

As of December 2017 we rank among the top 60 Orthodox blogs on the internet.

Editors Giacomo Sanfilippo and Andrea Jarmai are PhD students in Theological Studies in the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College, a member school of the Toronto School of Theology at the University of Toronto. We are currently looking to fill our third editorial position.* 

The articles and letters published on our pages express solely the views of their respective authors.


The Toronto School of Theology is an ecumenical consortium of seven theological colleges affiliated with the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto ranks consistently among the top twenty-five universities in the world.

Orthodoxy in Dialogue owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Christopher Brittain, Dean of Divinity at Trinity College, and Dr. David Neelands, Dean Emeritus of Divinity at Trinity College, for their support in this endeavour.

*PhD students in any TST school may apply to join our editorial board regardless of ecclesial or denominational affiliation.