About Orthodoxy in Dialogue

Orthodoxy in Dialogue launched in August 2017 to provide a space for the discussion of topics relevant to Orthodox Christianity. Reflective of our commitment to Orthodox, ecumenical, and interfaith dialogue, we publish writers who represent a wide spectrum of interests and perspectives both within and outside the Orthodox Church.

The editorial committee consists of two doctoral students in theological studies at Trinity College: one Orthodox, Giacomo Sanfilippo,  and one Anglican with a foundation in Orthodox studies, Andrea Jarmai. The third editorial position is currently vacant.

Trinity College in the University of Toronto is an Anglican school of theology and a member of the Toronto School of Theology.

The articles and letters published on our pages express solely the views of their respective authors.

The editors owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Christopher Brittain, Dean of Divinity at Trinity College, and Dr. David Neelands, Dean Emeritus of Divinity, for their guidance and support in this endeavour.