MOMS MAKE THEIR BABIES GAY…BUT NOT HOW YOU THINK by Metropolitan Neophytos (Masouras)

Orthodoxy in Dialogue is publishing this nonsense for a serious reason: namely, to underscore that no one in the Church seems to agree on what “causes” same-sex orientation, or what’s to be done about it (“conversion therapy” or no?), or why it is so irredeemably bad that it cannot be sanctified even through the asceticism of a committed, monogamous, lifelong relationship.
Yet Metropolitan Neophytos’ “theory” is hardly more absurd than Father Lawrence Farley’s glib dismissal of science as having nothing to offer the Church on questions of sexuality and gender, or Farley’s equation of “homosexuality” with child rape. (What about “heterosexuality” and child rape?) 


Metropolitan Neophytos (Masouras) of Morphou, Church of Cyprus

Bishop Says If a Pregnant Woman Enjoys Anal Sex, the Baby Will Be Gay

Moms are to blame, according to this Orthodox bishop

by James Besanvalle

bishop has claimed if a pregnant woman enjoys anal sex, this will transfer to the baby and it will be gay.

The shocking revelation came from The Most Reverend Metropolitan Neophytos (Masouras) of Morfou of the Church of Cyprus on Tuesday (23 July).

In a short video posted to YouTube, he said the lack of spirituality and knowledge of Christ and the Orthodox religion creates homosexuals.

And the ‘fault’ lies with the parents, who ‘pass on’ the ‘sickness’ of homosexuality, the bishop claimed.

Basically, when a woman enjoys anal sex or any ‘abnormal sexual contact’, ‘a desire is created, which is then transmitted to the unborn child’.

Cyprus LGBTI rights group Accept, confirmed the translation on Facebook.

‘Gays are created due [to] the anal sex of a straight couple and only if the woman is into it,’ they wrote. ‘If that happens, the feeling of pleasure the woman feels is transmitted to the unborn child.’

In a list of 49 European countries ranked for LGBTI rights, Cyprus comes in at number 33.

Although the country legalized same-sex sexual activity, equal age of consent and numerous anti-discrimination laws, Cyprus falls behind when it comes to LGBTI parental rights.

Same-sex marriage is illegal, alongside stepchild and joint adoption by same-sex couples, access to IVF for lesbians and commercial surrogacy for gay couples.

This report appeared on July 26, 2019 at GayStarNews.
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James Besanvalle is an Australian journalist and the family editor at GayStarNews. He lives in London UK. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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