JULY 2019

LGBTQI Listening Tour: An Open Letter to Our Bishops in the USA and Canada

On Sodomy

A Special Kind of Orthodox Clergy Directory

The Patriarchal Saga that Keeps on Giving

From the Fathers: The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like…Two Men in Bed Together?

Open Letter Delivered to the Bishops

Response to Our Open Letter by Archbishop Mark (Maymon)

St. Seraphim of Sarov: Patron Saint of Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal

Unanswered Letter to an OCA Bishop (or, Where Are the Pastors?)

Importance of Church-State Cooperation in the European Context

This Weekend #ProtectEachOther from ICE

Same-Sex Love = Child Rape? Yes, Father Lawrence Farley Went There

A Special Kind of Clergy Directory: Update

The Anglican Church of Canada & Same-Sex Marriage: An Invitation to Dialogue

Photo-Editorial: A Tale of Two Archbishops

Another Day, the Same Old Rod Dreher

Note to Brit Hume: There Is No “Standard Definition” of Racism

Letter to a Young Gay Orthodox Camper

The OCA’s General Counsel Threatens Orthodoxy in Dialogue 

Our Response to the OCA’s General Counsel

Bishop to Bishop: Straight from Confession to Suicide

The Cultural Relativity of Morality

The Anglican Church & Same-Sex Marriage: The Shallow End of Theology

On Ukraine: Open Letter to Patriarch and Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Moms Make Their Babies Gay…But Not How You Think

And Furthermore: Join Our New Blog Directory

St. Tikhon’s Seminary, Millstones, and Sharks: Unanswered Questions

Coming Soon: The Liturgical Arts Academy

The Anglican Church & Same-Sex Marriage: What’s Happening in Canada?

To Our Readers: An Invitation to Partner at the US-Mexico Border

The End of the Road for “Patriarch” Filaret

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