Monthly Patrons

Raph Graves
LaGrange, Georgia
Mark Lodico 
Kathmandu, Nepal
Father Sean Andrew Lotz
Shelton, Washington
Margaret McCaskey
Sacramento, California
Alexandra de Moffarts
Brussels, Belgium
Mark Nasser
In Memory of George Ashie
Los Angeles, California
Paul Pynkoski
Toronto, Ontario
Carolyn Rahal
North Andover, Massachusetts
Roslindale, Massachusetts


Christine Anderson
Fallbrook, California
Susan Anderson
Livermore, California
John Andres
Whitby, Ontario
Luke Beecham
Indianapolis, Indiana
Anastasia Black
Somerville, Massachusetts
James Bouse
Detroit, Michigan
Tim Bullard
Chicago, Illinois
Norris J. Chumley
New York, New York
Joseph Clarke
Toronto, Ontario
Yvette Cuny
Sacramento, California
Ronald Dieleman
Sherbrooke, Quebec
Andrew Fedosov
Toronto, Ontario
Jackson Frishman
Albion, Washington
Elaine C. Geschke
Duluth, Georgia
Aidan Hart
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
Justin Hertwig
Moosonee, Ontario
Father John A. Jillions
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Jonathan Yance Jones
Benson, North Carolina
Jamil Khoury
Chicago, Illinois
Brennan Kreller
Richmond, California
Theodoros Lambros
Sydney, Australia
Father Andrew Louth
Darlington, United Kingdom
Father Bohdan Lukie
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Ektrit Kris Manushi
Tirana, Albania
Daniel Reed Martin 
Seattle, Washington
Chris Mathews, MD
San Diego, California
Brandon J. Meister
Chicago, Illinois
Paul Micevych
Tarzana, California
Grace Monk
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Aristotle Papanikolaou
Haverhill, Massachusetts
Michael Pickel
Brunswick, Maine
Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo)
All Saints of North America Monastery
Dewdney, British Columbia
​Laura Raicu
Madison, Wisconsin​
Esther Robinson
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Madeleine Rólka
Brooklyn, New York
Giacomo Sanfilippo
In Memory of Archpriest Peter and Anna Turiansky
Giacomo Sanfilippo Tabò and Sebastiana Conti Gallenti
Joseph SanFilippo, Eugenia Turiansky SanFilippo, and Paul Edward SanFilippo
Toronto, Ontario
Jeremy Sasser
Seattle, Washington
Monica Spoor
Veenendaal, Netherlands
Dan Stoian
Timișoara, Romania
Françoise Vitard
Bretoncelles, France
Scott Williams
Los Angeles, California
Gary Zabolusky
Edmonds, Washington
In Memory of George Michael Ashie
Garden Grove, California
In Memory of Archpriest John Garvey
Tacoma, Washington
In Memory of Rachel Steen
Burlington, North Carolina
In Memory of Tatiana Voogd
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Hawthorne, New Jersey
Santa Barbara, California
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Washington, DC
Wichita, Kansas


We offer our heartfelt thanks to the Founders, Supporters, and Patrons of Orthodoxy in Dialogue.

To learn how to become a Founder, Supporter, or Monthly Patron, visit our Patreon page.
To make a one-time or occasional contribution send the amount of your choice to via PayPal.
Previous one-time contributions have ranged from $25 to $1200.
At least 10% of your contribution will be distributed to the poor on the streets of downtown Toronto.

We thank the following contributors to our Angels Unawares fundraiser to help RAICES provide legal and humanitarian assistance to refugees and asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border. 
Our campaign has been suspended. You may donate directly on the RAICES website.

Grayson Alexander

Susan Anderson

Michael Beck

Anastasia Black

James Bouse

Lydia Bringerud

Father James Graham

Brennan Kreller
In Memory of José Guadalupe López

Auntie Mo! Langdon

Mary Long

Father Sean Andrew Lotz

Carolyn Mackie

Anthony March

Steven McMeans
In Memory of Rose Salazar

Heather Richey

Karen Ridenour

Charlotte Riggle

Esther Robinson

Eliana SanFilippo

Giacomo Sanfilippo
In Memory of Giacomo Sanfilippo Tabò and Sebastiana Conti Gallenti

Sarah Spencer

Jefferson Steen

Françoise Vitard

Barbara Wilson

Frank Zaveral

Joanne Zbravos