This video was brought to our attention this evening by one of our readers. Starting at 16:00 Father Seraphim addresses—without naming Orthodoxy in Dialogue or editor Giacomo Sanfilippo—our article Father Seraphim (Aldea) of June 16, 2020.

It saddens us deeply that our support for him and the monastery has caused some of our brothers and sisters in the Orthodox Church to hate him by association.

Aside from a formulaic thank you email from the monastery on March 27, 2020 for a small donation that we had made, Father Seraphim is correct in saying that there has been no contact between him or the monastery and us. We have no idea what he thinks of our advocacy for a church-wide theological exploration of the meaning of sexual and gender diversity in human nature and its place in the Church’s life, or whether he knows about the articles that we have published on the topic, or even whether he had had any reason to hear of Orthodoxy in Dialogue before now.

We beg his forgiveness for any suffering that our public support for him and the monastery has brought down on his head, and ask him to pray for us as we do unworthily for him.

See Giacomo Sanfilippo’s On Chastity: Two Letters to a Struggling Monk and The Power of the Holy Spirit: On Chastity, Asceticism, and Sexual Liberation.
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