Yesterday Orthodoxy in Dialogue published Johnson’s “A Response to the Orthodox Clergy Condemnation of Nationalism,” which links to his podcast on the same topic.

Johnson’s article contains many other links as well. Since our click-through rate is typically not very high, we felt that it was especially important to draw attention to his disturbing ideas on the superiority of the white race and the wrongness of interracial marriage, even in cases where both parties are Orthodox. As a “priest” he would refuse marriage to an interracial Orthodox couple.

The PDF from which the following excerpts are taken runs to nine pages. Here we republish only a few of Johnson’s more salient points, without any typographical or grammatical corrections on our part.

As we stated to our bishops and seminaries in the Editorial Foreword of yesterday’s article: 

Please do not take comfort in Johnson’s uncanonical status. The cancer of white supremacy and neo-Nazism respects no such boundaries as “canonical” and “uncanonical.” This is our problem—a very public problem—which must be handled in a very public and transparent manner. It is only a matter of time before the mainstream media connect the dots that lead straight to us.


Interracial marriage is not a sin, its just wrong, irrational and destructive. […] By itself, though, race is not a theological issue, at least at the present moment.


Religious mixing is condemned by the church. As a priest, I would never marry a couple where one is not Orthodox. As a matter of cultural survival, I also would not marry a mixed couple racially either. This is often connected with race, since the Orthodox church is almost exclusively white. In theory, a white-Asian match might work out, since there are two high IQ people and Asian civilizations are both great and ancient.

Yet, with all that a marriage entails, why bring this added dimension into it? Battles between the in-laws are guaranteed. There are too many natural, psychological barriers against it. If you married a Christian Asian woman, even one totally Americanized, you know her parents would be against it far more than yours would be, since its only whites that are asked to mix.

Nevertheless, a whole European blood line would be obliterated in any racially mixed marriage. Historically, it is almost unheard of. As things get worse and whites become globally endangered, it will then become a sin since it involves the destruction of a whole continent of people: genocide.


Thus, if whites resist their own destruction, they will be forced to marry non-whites. It would be institutionalized rape.


Mass immigration is sinful because it is aimed at the physical destruction and replacement of a group of people. Preaching self-hate on a racial basis is sinful. If the reader requires an explanation, then he needs to be in a sanitarium. After decades of feeding these people anti-white loathing, what do you think would happen to the white minority?


In the USA, it is the first time in human history where the ruling class has done this to itself. It remains a fact that whites and only whites are forced to accept mass immigration and face legal sanctions if they do not. The result of this – and the sheer size of the Islamic migrations into both Europe and the USA as of 2017 are creating conditions  here racially mixed marriages become an issue of genocide and racial replacement.

[Johnson then launches into a lengthy Old Testament and even “patristic” justification of maintaining “racial purity” through the avoidance of “racially” (i.e., tribally) exogamous marriage.]

For me, I’ve never seen a black woman I thought was attractive. I’ve seen a grand total of one Asian woman I liked (too damn skinny). Not a single Indian woman. Why is that? I  refuse to believe that any decent white person can’t find a mate in his own tribe. The main reason for interracial dating I believe is to prove to the world how “open-minded” the white partner is. Its the ultimate virtue signal. Its a guarantee against attacks of racism and even permits the white person to use that defense himself or herself! It must be nice. I’ve not known too many interracial marriages, but the few I know are loaded with feelings of cultural supremacy and the sense that they are now immune from criticism. The children of black-white marriages always and without exception identify with black due to the huge benefits that come with that identity. They never try to be white.

Unfortunately, almost all mainline Christians believe “racism” is a sin, along with sexism. They are divided on fagophobia.


In modern America, there’s a more practical reason for white women, in particular, to avoid black men: violence. It is rare to see a white man with a black woman, but increasingly common to see the reverse. This is because taken the women as “booty” as been a benefit of every conquering army since Babylon. Once the enemy is defeated, their women become fair game. This is the mentality behind the black male hunt for white women: to declare the humiliation of the white man.

Black males on the hunt for white females can only be based on this sort of triumphalism. The black male is raised on anti-white hatred. Few deny this. How will it not spill over into “dating?” Such couples have 200% the divorce rate of monoracial couples. The Burnett study of 2005 showed that black males are 7.7 times more likely to beat their white wife than a black one. Further, this does not take into consideration that, as of 2006, the percentage of new HIV cases was 83.7% black as opposed to just over 11% white. Yet, due to fear of being called names, white women are pressured into playing Russian Roulette.

Several years before that, the Mercy study of 1989, published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed that a white wife is murdered by her black “husband” at a rate over 12 times that of monoracial couples. An inbred hate of whites is the most obvious, but not the only, cause.


Lastly, the IQ issue cannot be denied. The IQ of the American black is around 80. That’s at least 20 points below the average white man or Asian. Normally, children of mixed race couples tend to have an IQ closer to the lower figure than the higher. Since white genes are recessive, this should not be surprising.


Having a white woman date a black man is knowingly putting her in harms way. As black men are brainwashed more and more to loathe whites, the violence against these ignorant, hapless females will only increase. Interracial rape and violence is usually unpunished and none, after OJ, get much press attention. 

Thus, race mixing is not inherently sinful in that race, by itself, is not a religious category. In other words, there’s nothing inherently evil in it. However, the US is reaching a point where the results of increasing miscegenation are clear. The common results of interracial dating and marriage are often horrifying and deadly. While race is not a religious category, sin lies in the motives of those who promote it.

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