The following communiqué appeared on April 20, 2023 on the website of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops  of the United States of America. For context see Archbishop Alexander (Golitzin) Issues Warning against Father Peter Heers’ “Orthodox Ethos” Website and Father Peter Heers: Priest of Nowhere? 


“Archpriest” Peter Heers
Unaffiliated with any canonical Orthodox jurisdiction

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America is made up of all the active, canonical Orthodox Bishops in the United States of America, from every universally-recognized canonical Orthodox jurisdiction, including the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (“ROCOR”), despite the decision of its Bishops to suspend their participation in the Assembly. On November 18, 2022, the Orthodox Bishops of the Assembly received a communication from the ROCOR Eastern American Diocese regarding Archpriest Peter Heers. This communication stated “that the Very Reverend Archpriest Peter Heers is not a clergyman of the Eastern American Diocese or of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, nor is there any pending consideration of his reception.” [Scroll to the bottom here to see ROCOR’s letter.]

The Assembly can further confirm that Archpriest Peter Heers is not a clergyman of, or on loan to, any other canonical Orthodox jurisdiction in the United States. To the extent that this individual purports to act as an Orthodox priest in the United States, including celebrating the Divine Liturgy and the other services of the Church and teaching the faithful and those who inquire into Orthodoxy, he does so in a manner outside of the Holy Canons.

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

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