Orthodoxy in Dialogue and RAICES are exploring the possibility of forming a permanent partnership as a mechanism for our readers to become one-time, occasional, or frequent donors. In the meantime, you can take action today by:
  1. Checking in with your neighbour, joining community groups, protesting at the local ICE office, calling your elected official, and asking your mayor to demand ICE not enter their city
  2. Donating at the DONATE NOW link below
  3. Sharing this post with everyone in your social media and email contacts 
See our related On Sodomy. Providing for the needs of the foreigner and the stranger, the widow and the orphan, is not a matter of liberalism or conservatism, but the very heart of the Christian Gospel as preached by all of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church.


ICE has become an American nightmare, nothing less than the main thrust of an attempt to institutionalize racism against a scapegoated minority — undocumented, nonvoting, mostly voiceless brown people.

Darlena Cunha for the New York Times

ICE Raids are set to begin this weekend in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco.  We have set up a hotline for those in Texas affected by the raids.

What can we do? In the short term, we must #ProtectEachOther. If you are in one of the 10 cities targeted, check in with your neighbor, join community groups, protest at the local ICE office, and call your elected official. You can also ask your Mayor to demand ICE not enter their city. 

Don’t let this domestic terrorism be business as usual. You can also assist those affected by the raids by donating to the RAICES bond fund. RAICES has established the largest bond fund in the nation, paying over $2.1 million in bonds in the 2018 and over $4.7 million to date to release individuals from detention and reunite separated families. We’ll be using our resources to release those detained by ICE.

We’re already fighting to educate our immigrant friends and their families and allies about the rights they have. ICE agents will assume that immigrants (undocumented or documented) will not know their rights – in fact they are counting on it. ICE officials feed on the fear and uncertainty they breed in immigrant communities, in fact that’s how the Trump deportation machine works.

We’ll be manning the hotline and we’ll be working to get those detained out on bond. We’re asking allies of immigrants in this country to make a donation today to help those that are a victim of the raids.

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In Solidarity, 

Erika Andiola
RAICES Chief Advocacy Officer


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