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Orthodoxy in Dialogue has published two interviews to date. Two more are presently in the works.

If you would like to interview someone for us, email us first to gauge our interest in your proposed interviewee. Attach a Word document to your query containing the final draft of the questions that you intend to ask your subject. 

The word limit for interviews is considerably more flexible than for most of our articles. See here and here for examples of what we consider a reasonable length for questions and answers.

When you submit your interview for publication, your interviewee must also email his or her consent to publish.

Interviews can be conducted in writing or in person. You may submit a written or videoed interview. This opens unlimited possibilities to interview subjects anywhere in the world.

Neither you nor your interviewee need be Orthodox. However, the interview must relate on some level to Orthodox Christianity.

Our Archives by Author will catalogue interviews in three places: under the separate Interviews category, the name of the interviewer, and the name of the interviewee.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions that we have not answered here.

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