artsAfter conducting a poll of Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s Facebook group, and taking our members’ questions and comments into consideration, we’re excited to issue a call for articles for our new Faith & the Arts series.

For our purposes we understand “the arts” as broadly as possible: short and long fiction, poetry, films, music, television, theatre, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion, et al. The parameters are almost limitless.

We seek articles reflective of a thoughtful engagement with their subject from the perspective of Christian faith. You may choose to write on a recently produced or older work. As always, you need not be Orthodox to write for us. Articles on a work of visual art should include one or more photos of the piece in question.

Contributions to this series will be catalogued both under its own category and under the respective authors’ names on our Archives by Author page.

Check our Submission Guidelines for general requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email if you wish to gauge our interest in a subject prior to beginning to write.

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!