As Public Orthodoxy releases summaries of the papers presented at the recent Bridging Voices conference at Oxford, Orthodoxy in Dialogue wishes to offer a space where hierarchs, clergy, monastics, academics, non-academics, laypersons, and youth can publish their thoughts on the questions and issues raised.

You may wish to address one or more of the articles, the conference itself, the selection of invitees, or any other aspect of the proceedings and presentations.

If you take a position contrary to what Orthodoxy in Dialogue normally represents, you must do so in a fraternal manner which does no emotional or spiritual harm to LGBTQI persons.  Imagine yourself on the receiving end of your words.

See Write for Us for general submission guidelines . You need not be Orthodox to contribute to the conversation.

Your response will be listed in three places in our Archives: under Bridging Voices, Sexuality and Gender, and your name. 

The best way to keep up with the Bridging Voices summaries it to subscribe to receive email notifications from Public Orthodoxy if you have not already. If you don’t wish to subscribe you may also check the Fordham-Exeter Bridging Voices Project archive periodically.

The following summaries have been published to date:

British Council: Eastern Orthodoxy and Sexual Diversity


Eastern Orthodox Identity and “Aggressive Liberalism”: Non-Theological Aspects of the Confrontation

Christian Teaching on Sexual Morality

Meeting Michelle: Pastoral and Theological Reflections on a Transgender Inmate

Why We Need Nature

We look forward to hearing from a wide diversity of voices.

See the Anglican Church and Same-Sex Marriage, Bridging Voices, Fifty Years after Stonewall, Sexuality and Gender, and Warwick Files sections in our Archives 2017-19 and/or Archives 2020.
Orthodoxy in Dialogue seeks to promote the free exchange of ideas by offering a wide range of perspectives on an unlimited variety of topics. Our decision to publish implies neither our agreement nor disagreement with an author, in whole or in part.
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