With this Call for Articles we invite you to consider writing for Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s new Dialogical Series.

This ongoing Series will launch soon with two offerings: “The Consensus Patrum: What Is It?” and “Can You Be Orthodox in Communion with Rome?”

The format will combine the responses of two or three contributors to a predetermined question in a single article. Their names will be listed in alphabetical order in the byline, and their individual responses will appear in the same order in the body of the article. Archives by Author will list the article under each contributor’s name and under the Series near the top of the page.

Each contributor must adhere to a strict 1000-word limit or less, exclusive of his or her bio. No exceptions. Contributors agree not to see the other responses until the article is actually published.

You need not be Orthodox or even Christian to write for us; in fact, the greater the diversity of voices, the better for promoting real dialogue.

We envision an almost unlimited range of topics unified solely by their engagement with Orthodox thought and praxis on some level. Topics may fall within intra-Orthodox, ecumenical, or interfaith categories. See our Submission Guidelines for other general requirements. 

You can either pitch a topic to us alone, in which case we will try to find one or two other contributors, or contact us as a pair or a trio interested in tackling the same question. 

Contact us only through our editorial email address with your proposals or questions.

Join us on Facebook for more direct participation in our discussions. The conversation there is always lively and usually polite.