openbookOrthodoxy in Dialogue has published book reviews since our first month of operation. We list them together near the top of the Archives by Author page and again under the reviewer’s name. The reviewer’s name appears in the byline.

We published our first book summary earlier this month. This entails an article by the author(s) or editor(s) of the book. At the end we append the link to where the book can be purchased. These also have their own category in the upper section of the Archives by Author page.

Neither the book nor the review needs to be written by an Orthodox author. As with everything that we publish, the basic requirement is that the book summarized or reviewed must be relevant on some level to an Orthodox and Orthodox-friendly readership.

As we continue to build up our global audience at a faster pace than we ever imagined, we can offer immediate, widespread exposure to new books as soon as they are released, long before print journals can review them. We post the links to our articles in several Orthodox, Eastern Christian, and ecumenical Facebook groups and on Twitter. Although we currently have fewer than 100 Twitter followers, our links are often retweeted on accounts that have over a thousand followers.

Check our Submission Guidelines and drop us an email to confirm our interest in the book that you wish to summarize or review.

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