Metropolitan Joseph (Al-Zehlaoui)

A reliable insider source in Englewood informs Orthodoxy in Dialogue that Metropolitan Joseph has been busy working the phones to tell whoever will listen that he is innocent of impropriety (see Leaked: Metropolitan Joseph under Investigation for 16-Year Affair with Married Woman and Metropolitan Joseph’s Affair: The Email) and that his victim is crazy.

Meanwhile, another insider source has alerted us to the fact that His Eminence co-owns two homes with his victim, one in California and the other in Idaho. We have seen the online records but decline to publish the links in order to protect the victim’s identity.

How does His Eminence explain these?

It’s time for the Patriarchate of Antioch to act without delay to depose His Eminence from holy orders and return him to the status of a simple monk. May the Lord have mercy on him as he spends the rest of his days in quiet repentance in monastic seclusion and obedience.

See the Metropolitan Joseph (Al-Zehlaoui): The Scandal section in our Archives 2020-22.
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