Orthodoxy in Dialogue has twice reported on Archbishop Gabriel (Chemodakov)’s thirst for Ukrainian blood: in ROCOR Archbishop of Canada Justifies Wholesale Slaughter of Ukraine and ROCOR’s Lunatic Archbishop of Montreal Doubles Down in Support of Ukrainian Massacre, Putin, Gundiaev. The article below appeared in today’s online edition of one of Canada’s major newspapers, the National Post.
When is ROCOR’s Synod of Bishops going to censure this embarrassment to their Church and to Orthodoxy as a whole?


Archbishop Gabriel (Chemodakov) of Montreal and Canada

Leader of Russian Orthodox Church in Canada defends war on Ukraine

by Tom Blackwell
Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada referred to Ukrainian forces as ‘neo-Nazi’ and inspired by ‘demonic’ forces
As Moscow’s war on Ukraine reaches the six-month mark, a top leader of the Russian Orthodox Church in Canada has echoed the Kremlin’s talking points on the conflict, insisting in a recent interview the unprovoked invasion was justified and decrying as “ridiculous” Canada’s sanctions on the church’s war-boosting patriarch.

Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada referred to Ukrainian forces as “neo-Nazi” and inspired by “demonic” forces, and said his parishes would continue to commemorate in services Patriarch Kirill, the church’s head.

“Russia was forced to take steps to protect itself from the neo-Nazis who were shelling civilians in Donbass for eight years, and continue to this day,” Gabriel told, a website dedicated to news about the church.

Continue reading at the National Post.

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