January has been an extraordinarily busy month at Orthodoxy in Dialogue!

Happy New Year! Most Popular Articles in 2019!

20% Off SVS Press Books & Music until Theophany

Thanks Be to God and to Many of You

Dying, and Behold We Live

Pastoring LGBTQ Individuals in the Orthodox Church: Public Statement

Theological and Philosophical Dissonance in Theories of Pastoral Care with LGBTQ+ Identifying Persons: A Response to Father Aaron Warwick

Editorial: The “Morality” of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese?

In Support of Father Aaron Warwick: Open Letter to Metropolitan Joseph

Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo): I Support Father Aaron Warwick

Russia to Escalate Fight against Ukrainian Autocephaly in 2020

One Thing Unites Constantinople and Moscow: Montenegro 

Giacomo Sanfilippo: A Bitchy Queen

600 Parishes Leave Moscow Patriarchate for Autocephalous Ukrainian Church

Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s Secret Directory of LGBTQ-Accepting Orthodox Priests

Orthodoxy: The Brexit Church?

Editorial: Rod Dreher’s Limited (and Theologically Meaningless) Vocabulary

Orthodoxy in Dialogue on Abortion

Father John Whiteford’s Appalling Ignorance and Pastoral Malfeasance

Open Letter to Father Aaron Warwick: A Good Man Taken in by Homosexualist Rhetoric

From the Netherlands: Responding to Father Aaron Warwick and Father Seraphim Holland

An Open Letter to Metropolitan Joseph: Stop. Trenham. Now.

The Government of Greece Funds the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America?

Open Statement against the Coptic Church’s Position on the LGBTQI+ Community 

The Church, Homosexuality, and Personal Experience

On Josiah Trenham: Why the Deafening Silence from Metropolitan Joseph?

Leaked: Secret Directive to the Clergy of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese

A Coptic Overview of St. Augustine’s “Retractions”

Same-Sex Marriage Reduces Suicide Rates

The Joy of Same-Sex Love: A Response to Father Aaron Warwick (and Bridging Voices)

Triodion & Pentecostarion 2020

Lenten Reflections: An Invitation to Write

Father Pavel Florensky: Readings on His Birthday

Review: That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation

Freedom of Religion…for Whom?

Angels Unawares: A Reflection on 2019

On Father Josiah Trenham: Open Letter to Metropolitan Joseph

Juliana Schmemann, My Mother

A Bed Undefiled: Conclusion

Suddenly I’m Afraid

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