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Screenshot from comments at When a Bishop Does Right, The American Conservative

With thanks to Twitter user and Orthodoxy in Dialogue follower @RationalSheep for bringing Rod Dreher’s studied assessment of editor @GiacoSanfilippo to our attention.

Addendum 1/10/20: See Editorial: Rod Dreher’s Limited (and Theologically Meaningless) Vocabulary.

See our Archives 2017-19 and Archives 2020, Public Orthodoxy, The Wheel, TSpace, Milwaukee Independent, and the Kyiv Post for articles by Giacomo Sanfilippo.

Rod Dreher is an Orthodox Christian writer and name-caller of extraordinary intellect, debating skills, and theological and spiritual depth. He brings his rhetorical prowess to bear as a senior editor at The American Conservative, and worships at St. Matthew the Apostle Orthodox Church, a mission parish of the OCA’s Diocese of the South in Baton Rouge LA, dedicated to “behold[ing] the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, being changed into His likeness,” under the spiritual guidance of Father Joshua Trant.

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