shepherdOn July 3, 2019 we published A Special Kind of Orthodox Clergy Directory, and on July 15, an Update

To date, our directory includes about a dozen canonical hierarchs and priests ministering on three continents. Our commitment to protect the identities of our participating pastors is so absolute that even they don’t know who else is on the list.

By the grace of God, we have made several successful referrals of LGBTQ Orthodox Christians, catechumens, inquirers, and seekers to the pastors in our directory. One transgender person is soon to be received into the Orthodox Church through Holy Chrismation. 

If you’re a bishop or priest of a canonical Orthodox juridiction anywhere in the world, and you minister—or you feel spiritually and emotionally equipped to begin ministering—to LGBTQ persons and their families, please read the two articles linked above and contact me by email.

If you or someone you love is LGBTQ, and you or they require compassionate, understanding Orthodox ministry on your path to God, please, don’t hesitate to contact me by email. God loves you more preciously than you can possibly imagine. For my part, I will do whatever lies within my ability to assist you.

Hierarchy, clergy, and laity should write to me at editors@orthodoxyindialogue.com. I am the only person with access to this email account.

Giacomo Sanfilippo, Editor

See the Fifty Years after Stonewall section in our Archives 2017-19 and the Sexuality and Gender section in both our Archives 2017-19 and Archives 2020.
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