This screen shot was taken from Matt Parrott’s GAB page on the evening of January 26. Assuming the accuracy of “20 hours,” he posted his comments the night of January 25. In case his meaning is unclear for our readers, he refers to Dreamers—young, undocumented Latinos and Latinas whose parents brought them into the US as infants and toddlers, who know no other homeland but the United States and speak no other language but English—as DACA beaners,* and to their fear of deportation under the current White House as comedy gold.

(*For our readers unfamiliar with this Americanism, beaner is a derogatory term for a Mexican person almost as offensive as the N-word for an African person.)

Other gems of Christian charity from Mr. Parrott’s GAB page include—unless he deletes them—an explanation of the superiority of the white race and potshots at Jews.

What relevance does this have for the Orthodox Church?

On January 22 Orthodoxy in Dialogue published an Open Letter asking the bishops of the American Orthodox Church to deal decisively with white supremacy within the Church, among our clergy, in our seminaries. In four days it skyrocketed to double the number of readers of our previously most popular article. Among those signing the Letter we have several priests and deacons.

(We continue to accept signatures. Follow the instructions at the top of the Open Letter. The Letter will be formally delivered to the Assembly of Bishops by the end of January.)

On January 24 Mr. Parrott posted a response to our Open Letter on the website of the SPLC Designated Hate Group—the Traditional Worker Party or TWP—for which he serves as “Chief Information Officer.”

We learned about and published his article—with an explanatory preface of our own—on January 25 here. The links to TWP and to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report are included in our preface and afterword. 

This man who sees “comedy gold” in the fears of innocent teenagers who risk being captured by ICE agents on their way to school explains TWP’s connection to the Orthodox Church in his own words:

How about they celebrate the fact that Orthodox Christianity is rapidly growing among a rapidly growing youth subculture in America? How about marveling at the fact that a Church Militant has appeared where young men and women are organizing to oppose globalism and degeneracy in favor of local identity and traditionalism? For decades, Orthodoxy and every other denomination have racked their brains over how to become relevant and resurgent among young folks.

Far more than one [individual studying for the priesthood in one of our Orthodox seminaries in the US post(ing) white supremacist materials and messages under an alias on Facebook], suckers. AltChristianity’s Church Militant is steadily and quietly working its way through the seminaries and sinecures just like the leftist radicals and homosexuals did in the 20th century. This phenomenon isn’t unique to Orthodoxy, with bright young anti-globalist Christians struggling to win the Faith back from the global capitalists, closeted homosexuals, Freemasons, and Zionists, …and offer it back to Christ.

That stupid list [of priests, deacons, and laypeople signing our Open Letter] actually is a handy list of folks…. Start with excommunicating and defrocking them.

Absolutely every Orthodox Christian who gets thrown under the bus in this most recent multicult witch hunt is welcome to join us. We’re working in tandem with hundreds of seminarians, secretly supportive clergy, and prominent clergy abroad….

The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests and bishops, and I will stomp on each one of them on my way to hell and back to win this war for the universality of Christianity in the West.

See Stephen Schneck’s “Where Are Our Bishops?” for a similar intiative to urge the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to act decisively on the problem of white supremacy in the American Catholic Church. See the USCCB’s response here.

To sign our Open Letter to the Assembly of Bishops send your name and city/state/province/country of residence to editors@orthodoxyindialogue.com. Names will be added as quickly as possible as we receive them.