Since January 22, 2018 Orthodoxy in Dialogue has published extensively on the cancer of white supremacy and neo-Nazism within the Orthodox Church in the US, our parishes, our seminaries, our monasteries. (See the White Supremacy and Racism category in our Archives by Author for a full list of articles, editorials, and letters.) Our motive in keeping this issue front and centre in our readers’ consciousness has been to ask the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the United States of America, its individual member hierarchs, the individual jurisdictions to which they belong, our seminaries, and our monasteries to acknowledge the gravity of our concerns and to deal with them in an open, public, and transparent manner.

To date we have been completely ignored. Not a single bishop has contacted us—not even the ones to whom we have reached out privately about our concerns in their specific jurisdictions. Only one—the highly respected Metropolitan Savas (Zembillas)—has seen fit to add his signature to A Statement Concerning the Sin of Racism. Not a single seminary has responded to our repeated emails requesting a statement from them.

The following article represents white supremacist and neo-Nazi Matt Parrott’s fourth attack against our bishops and distortion of the Orthodox Christian faith to support his diabolical racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism. Although it was originally published on his hate group’s website on January 30, we have only just now become aware of it. This is the same Matt Parrott who previously boasted:

Absolutely every Orthodox Christian who gets thrown under the bus in this most recent multicult witch hunt is welcome to join us. We’re working in tandem with hundreds of seminarians, secretly supportive clergy, and prominent clergy abroad…. The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests and bishops, and I will stomp on each one of them on my way to hell and back to win this war for the universality of Christianity in the West.

Heretics to Ameridoxy II: My Heretical Gab Posts

Matt Parrott


A couple weeks ago, TradWorker protested a pro-abortion radical feminist rally. Among several symbols we painted on “the rock” at the local university during the festivities after our successful action was the cross of Corneliu Codreanu’s Iron Guard and the Orthodox cross. This naturally raised the ire of the liberal hipsters in the Orthodox Christian community who are scrambling by the hundreds to sign up for a campaign to identify and excommunicate any and all White Nationalists from the Church.

Our irreligious and non-Orthodox readers may not appreciate the gravity of what’s going on here. The Eastern Orthodox Christian community in America is exceedingly small, with somewhere between 1% and 2% of Americans professing Orthodoxy despite it being the second largest denomination worldwide. Not only is that number small, but the majority of its parishioners are only “ethnically Orthodox,” largely recent European immigrants for whom the Church serves as the ethnic identitarian social club for otherwise irreligious, liberal, and urban hipsters with some Greek or Russian or Serbian or whatever heritage.

For example, the majority of American Orthodox Christians actually believe that abortion should be legal in most cases. Two thirds of them attend service either rarely or less than twice per year, consistent with Orthodoxy being more of an ethnic identitarian device for immigrants with ties to the Old Country than a thriving and disciplined religious community. Two-thirds of them are either Democrat or Independent. The majority of them believe that men should be encouraged to indulge in sodomy, and make a mockery of the religious institution of traditional marriage.

How did a religious tradition known in the East for being very traditionalist become one of the most pozzed on impact with America? Easy: ethnophyletism. Ethnophyletism is the sin (often a heresy, by jurisdiction) of being so nationalist that it interferes with the Mysteries or distracts from the service itself with ethnic or racial politics. The American jurisdictions insist that I’m ethnophyletist because they’ve twisted the term to mean “racist,” when a sincere, objective reading points the finger squarely back at them. A gaggle of jurisdictions which are politically divided along firmly ethnic lines and whose parishes are also squarely divided up according to ethnic identity, are attempting to cast me out because I have the wrong ethnic identification: White American.

The archdioceses actively fund and support an impressive variety of both formal and informal ethnic societies for all of their immigrant communities as well as for African Americans, Latinos, and even Eskimos. Everybody except for White Americans are allowed in. We’re allowed in on the precondition that we either endorse an anti-white political agenda or LARP as belonging to one of the pre-approved ethnic identity groups. Their urban, liberal, cosmopolitan, and immigrant-heavy parishioners are put off by the prospect of ordinary White Americans joining them, much less White Americans who refuse to apologize for their identity before darkening their narthex.

The nifty thing about all this is that few times in world history have so few had so much leverage against degeneracy. Because Orthodox Christianity explicitly and firmly forbids abortion, homosexuality, and denying the Mysteries on account of race, I’ve already won. It’s not a matter of if, but when. It doesn’t matter how much they try to organize. In fact, the harder they fight, the more likely they are to raise the attention of Global Orthodoxy, which will (after extensive deliberation) side with me. These Ameridox ecclesiastical hobbyists can run on for a long time, but sooner or later the ancient canons and men who abide them will cut them down.

Orthodoxy itself is profoundly antifragile. Our traditions have survived generations of Islamic rule, Marxist oppression, and even Russian winters. Orthodox Christianity is not a democracy, and their attempts to petition against and vote out pro-lifers, “homophobes,” and White Nationalists will eventually put them in conflict with the authentically Orthodox Christian clergy abroad. Orthodox Christianity can’t be redefined by popular vote, and the attempt by the tiny exclave of nominally “Orthodox” practitioners in America to do exactly that will result in their eventually defining themselves out of communion with Orthodoxy Abroad.

The current state of the childish debate I’m in is insisting that my opposition to DACA is heretical, since using insensitive language against foreign invaders is “white supremacist,” which implies that I believe White people are superior, which implies that I believe that White people are closer to God somehow, which implies that I’m a heretic, which implies that I am to be excommunicated. If you got lost in all that, don’t feel bad. Essentially, they want to make my “White Nationalism” a heresy somehow and it takes several steps and a great deal of obvious subterfuge to pull off the theological slight of hand.

My heretical gab:


This screen shot was taken from Matt Parrott’s GAB page on the evening of January 26. Assuming the accuracy of “20 hours,” he posted his comments the night of January 25. In case his meaning is unclear for our readers, he refers to Dreamers—young, undocumented Latinos and Latinas whose parents brought them into the US as infants and toddlers, who know no other homeland but the United States and speak no other language but English—as DACA beaners,* and to their fear of deportation under the current White House as comedy gold.

They would say that having voted for Trump qualifies for heresy if they could get away with it. After all, their Jesus would have no borders or immigration enforcement at all, and would grant full citizenship to every man, woman, and child who could figure out how to step foot in our homeland. Most DACA recipients are adults, most of them did not come here as either infants or toddlers, most of them are fiercely proud of their Mexican heritage, and most of them speak Spanish as their first language. And calling them “undocumented” is like calling a bank robbery an “undocumented withdrawal.”

Just as the children of bank robbers have to pay back the money even if they didn’t participate in the heist, and children are thrown out along with their parents when their parents sneak them into Disneyland, every single illegal immigrant must be deported back to their homeland. And while my “comedy gold” remark was obviously directed at Durbin for finding himself in that situation, I would be more than happy to laugh right in the face of your typical twenty-something DACA recipient with his Mexican flag bumper sticker, broken English, and open borders political agenda.

It’s not heretical to love your own nation or your own family more than you love others. It’s not heretical to resist a foreign invasion. It’s not heretical to taunt foreign invaders with insults. Contrary to popular belief, Christianity isn’t a hyper-feminized cult of compulsive cuckoldry. No religious tradition is more familiar with expelling foreign invaders than Orthodoxy. If Vlad the Impaler wasn’t excommunicated for his contribution to his fiefdom’s border security, I believe I should be permitted to call them names.

What kind of castrated Kindergarten Christianity is this? It’s American Christianity, and it mirrors the same degeneracy and dereliction afflicting every other American denomination. Ameridoxy is a Protestant denomination with all the smells and bells of Orthodoxy and none of the Tradition. How else could one explain a clergy which spots us opposing fanatical abortionists and rallies to attack us because we’re pro-White? There’s no wisdom in being charitable, respectful, or reverent with these malicious masonic fools.

Other gems of Christian charity from Mr. Parrott’s GAB page include—unless he deletes them—an explanation of the superiority of the white race and potshots at Jews.

I rarely delete posts, and I’ll make a point to ensure that every post relating to this discussion remains up. You can see for yourself that I explicitly stated that there is “no objective metric for racial superiority” in the post they’re citing to prove I’m a White Supremacist. They do have me dead to rights on taking potshots at Jews. Opposing the Pharisees is part and parcel of the Christian faith. I’m opposed to a tribe of men who hate Christ, had him crucified, believe he’s boiling in excrement, run the porn industry, and are actively persecuting Arab Christians right now. Why would an Orthodox Christian offer anything but resistance to the Jews?

This article appeared originally on the hate group Traditionalist Worker Party website.


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