Our open letter of January 22 to the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, entitled “White Supremacy in the American Orthodox Church,” seems to have struck a nerve. In eliciting a swift response from Matt Parrott of the Traditional Worker Party—a man who calls Dreamers DACA beaners and their fear of deportation comedy gold in social media—our letter has served to reveal just how dark is the underbelly of Orthodox Christianity in America.

The Traditional Worker Party—TWP on the rock in the photo above—has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “SPLC Designated Hate Group.” The Center describes it as follows:

The Traditionalist Worker Party is a white nationalist group that advocates for racially pure nations and communities and blames Jews for many of the world’s problems. Even as it claims to oppose racism, saying every race deserves its own lands and culture, the group is intimately allied with neo-Nazi and other hardline racist organizations that espouse unvarnished white supremacist views.

See the Center’s full report here. Note that it acknowledges TWP’s connection with the Orthodox Church.

Mr. Parrott’s response needs to be read carefully. As the SPLC warns, TWP’s self-presentation intertwines what seems reasonable and even true with much more sinister motives. Note especially how he flaunts the secret complicity of growing numbers of priests and seminarians in TWP’s agenda.

Heretics to Ameridoxy


Matt Parrott


Matt Parrott

The Toronto School of Theology’s vibrant and very ecumenical community is calling on Orthodox clergy to go on a hysterical witch hunt for absolutely any and all clergy who may have the slightest anti-globalist or pro-Southern sympathies. Co-signatures are reaching into the hundreds as layman and clergy alike scramble to get their name on the list of people less likely to find themselves strapped down to the lynch mob’s cucking stool.

At approximately 7:50 a.m. today, January 22, Arthur Hatton of St. Anne Orthodox Church (OCA) in Oak Ridge TN took the above photograph on the Knoxville campus of the University of Tennessee. “The Rock” is available to students as a medium of free expression.

Mr. Hatton has given Orthodoxy in Dialogue permission to publish his photograph and his name. As a new convert to Orthodoxy he has asked the following question: “Why is a symbol of my faith being used alongside Nazi and White Nationalist symbols, and what is American Orthodoxy going to do about it?”

How about they celebrate the fact that Orthodox Christianity is rapidly growing among a rapidly growing youth subculture in America? How about marveling at the fact that a Church Militant has appeared where young men and women are organizing to oppose globalism and degeneracy in favor of local identity and traditionalism? For decades, Orthodoxy and every other denomination have racked their brains over how to become relevant and resurgent among young folks.

Sometimes the Lord doesn’t answer your prayers exactly the way you hoped He would.

A sober and sensible answer would be for the archdioceses to issue a simple and calm statement that all races and nations are welcome as full and equal members of the Church and leave it at that. After all, they would make hypocrites and ethnophyletists of themselves if they were to single out one single expression of national identity (White American) from their diverse tapestry of ethnicities, nationalities, and racial identities. They have every right to clarify that Orthodoxy is a universal faith for all nations and identities, and we would understand the pressing need to offer a public statement, given how the anti-White and anti-Christian media insists (falsely) that we’re White Supremacists.

There’s no room for sobriety and sensibility here, and a whole host of canonical heresies will be stampeded right over in Ameridoxy’s desperate quest to become a respected part of the ecumenical globalist Protestant denomination club. “Racism” is, after all, far more sinful and shameful than the slaughter of children (which we had gathered to oppose). Ameridoxy is so contemptibly removed from its Holy Tradition roots that they excommunicate on the mere rumor that a catechumen might be “racist” while eagerly posing for selfies with Michael Dukakis, a proud and prominent proponent of abortion on demand, after offering him a reward IN THE CHURCH ITSELF.

To rub salt into this wound, allow me to quote the New York Times:

The Greek Orthodox Church shares the Catholic antipathy to abortion, but experts on the denomination say the opposition takes a different form and, in any event, the ethnic bond with Gov. Michael S. Dukakis is stronger than the religious tie that ensnared Geraldine A. Ferraro in 1984.

For historical context, the Catholic Church sharply rebuked Geraldine Ferraro when she tried to run as a pro-abortion Catholic. That’s because America’s Catholic Church is less globalist, less degenerate, and more committed to the life of unborn children than the Ameridox, …which is itself an abortion relative to Orthodoxy worldwide. Fortunately, we don’t need their permission to be Orthodox. Our large and growing network of Orthodox Christians in exile from our hostile parishes stand with the Church Fathers and Orthodoxy Abroad against this perverted, subverted, (bad) ecumenical, and Protestant farce.

In various pockets of the Orthodox Church in the United States white supremacy has raised its ugly head in highly visible ways. Images of the 3-barred cross used as a weapon in physical altercations make the rounds of the news media and social media and sear themselves into the public memory.

The truth is no defense, of course. But the backstory behind Heimbach striking that man with the cross is that TradYouth (before TradWorker existed) was hosting a friendly counter-rally with our own pro-feminine, anti-feminist, pro-life message for a local Slut Walk event. The antifa assaulted our friendly little event, squarely punching one of our boys. Heimbach didn’t intend to use the cross as a weapon and doesn’t condone that, but he responded on instinct and he did absolutely nothing wrong in neutralizing the unprovoked attacker and sending him running away.

Some of our priests openly display Confederate symbols on their Facebook timelines.

Any affirmation of or support for Southern culture suddenly became super racist a couple years ago. Even Dolly Land’s Dixie Stampede had to drop “Dixie” from the title on account of this Orwellian effort to dump Southern regional heritage and history down the memory hole. I honestly don’t understand why more folks don’t just admit that they’re pro-White and proud of it, given that these busybodies are going to figure out that you’re not a globalist degenerate sooner or later.

At least one individual studying for the priesthood in one of our Orthodox seminaries in the US posts white supremacist materials and messages under an alias on Facebook.

Far more than one, suckers. AltChristianity’s Church Militant is steadily and quietly working its way through the seminaries and sinecures just like the leftist radicals and homosexuals did in the 20th century. This phenomenon isn’t unique to Orthodoxy, with bright young anti-globalist Christians struggling to win the Faith back from the global capitalists, closeted homosexuals, Freemasons, and Zionists, …and offer it back to Christ. I personally know active Catholic, Presbyterian, and Anglican seminarians, and theology’s become a favorite of AltRight college students looking for a way to strike at the root of this culture war.

The gravity of the situation described below is underscored all the more by the heartbreaking fact that we have begun to hear from American families of colour who have converted to the Orthodox Faith and no longer feel safe or welcome in their own Church.

Orthodoxy’s supposed to be about eternal truths, not fickle fads and emotional panics. The Orthodox Church actively supports and promotes explicitly pro-Black and (of course) ethnically particular clubs and societies. Write that Black family back and tell them that their pro-Black attitude and orientation is welcome in the Church right alongside its pro-White parishioners and clergy. May the first man who attempts to deny communion on account of race be excommunicated.

Hold up. Wait a second. That stupid list actually is a handy list of folks who are guilty of precisely that. Start with excommunicating and defrocking them.

Several Orthodox Christian militants showed up to oppose abortion, homosexuality, feminism, and abortion on behalf of Orthodoxy in Knoxville last weekend. TradWorker’s not a religious organization, and the Orthodox cross is shown alongside folkish and other symbols from other folks who are also fighting globalism and degeneracy within their own faith traditions. We don’t need the clergy’s permission to love our race and nation. We don’t need the clergy’s permission to oppose the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life.

Absolutely every Orthodox Christian who gets thrown under the bus in this most recent multicult witch hunt is welcome to join us. We’re working in tandem with hundreds of seminarians, secretly supportive clergy, and prominent clergy abroad to ensure that my infant child is allowed to be baptized in the Church, regardless of the color of her skin or the ethnic identity of her parents. The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests and bishops, and I will stomp on each one of them on my way to hell and back to win this war for the universality of Christianity in the West.

Mr. Parrott’s article appeared on January 24 on the Traditional Worker Party website.

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