Blackbaud Reports New #GivingTuesday Record | Blackbaud

Orthodoxy in Dialogue offers a number of opportunities for our readers to exercise Christian charity on Giving Tuesday and beyond.

Note that only one of the following can offer a charitable receipt.

  1. Check our Angels Unawares page for instructions if you would like to provide humanitarian and legal assistance to asylum seekers in detention at the US-Mexico border. Your donation will go directly to RAICES, and you will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes.
  2. Check our Patrons page for instructions if you would like to become a monthly, occasional, or one-time supporter of our work at Orthodoxy in Dialogue.
  3. Send a donation to editors@orthodoxyindialogue.com via PayPal, with “Alms” in the message, if you would like to support our ongoing mercy walks to deliver cash—normally $20 per person, sometimes more—to the homeless and the hungry on the streets of downtown Toronto. Since Christmas 2017 we have collected and disbursed in excess of $20,000 for this project alone, and about $4000 since the start of Great Lent 2020.
  4. Send a donation to Joshua, the personal friend of one of our readers, @hammerinhanke via Venmo. Contact us for his email address if you prefer to use PayPal or if Venmo is inaccessible to you. Joshua has recently become homeless and lacks the funds to feed himself.
  5. An Orthodox priest in Uganda, Patriarchate of Alexandria, who is supporting his wife, their two toddlers, and a 16-year old orphan, is without income due to lockdown restrictions. US and Canadian dollars go a long way in Uganda. Send your gift to editors@orthodoxyindialogue.com via PayPal with “Uganda” in your message.
  6. An Orthodox grandfather, who has contacted us in response to our Young, LGBTQ, and Stuck at Home, is likely to be appointed as legal guardian for his LGBTQ teen grandson because of troubles with the boy’s parents that are becoming serious enough for the courts to intervene. The grandfather needs substantial assistance—about $6000—to cover the start-up costs of moving into, and furnishing, a modest 2-bedroom apartment where his grandson can thrive in an environment of emotional and spiritual security. Send your gift to editors@orthodoxyindialogue.com via PayPal with “Apartment” in the message.

Please pray for all of the children, women, and men impacted by the difficulties described above.