While Orthodoxy in Dialogue has had its disagreements with Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, we are profoundly grateful to His Eminence for marching today in the footsteps of his predecessor in Selma, Alabama, Archbishop Iakovos of thrice-blessed memory. Many Years, O Master! Εἰς πολλὰ ἔτη, Δέσποτα!
Marjorie Kunch of Pascha Press, for her part, published the following statement earlier today on its Facebook page.

elpi2 (2)

Doesn’t look six feet apart to me, nor a grouping of 10 persons or less.

I guess COVID is only a concern for Pascha, hence all the church closures on the holiest day of the year. Protests, though, totally fine. No risk there!

This is followed by these comments, among others. and her responses:

DF: He LITERALLY marches for LGBT, black power, and the dismantling of traditional family unit.

Marjorie Kunch: WHOA I didn’t realize that….ugh that makes this 1,000x worse.


AW:  Unless this bishop allowed his diocese to have regular services he should immediately apologize and retire. This hypocrisy is a slap in the face to the faithful. I hope he at least is praying for the two dozen policemen and others murdered by BLM activists over the years and is using his apparent friendship with them to preach Christ and Orthodoxy, rather than just virtue signaling.

Marjorie Kunch: THANK YOU and I am working up something right now to address THAT little chestnut!


JMG: Shame on Pascha Press! I’ll be sure never to purchase from you. Creating a post specifically to spread hate. Awful.

Marjorie Kunch: [F]acts are “hate” now lol well if you think my questioning his breaking of his own rules is “hate” there’s no helping you. I thought “rules for thee but not for me” was what this was all about? So you are as much as a hypocrite as he is? Sorry, you’re not part of my target audience then. I serve those who stand for Truth and Tradition, not modernists who call facts hate and hate justice.


Marjorie Kunch [in which she disses every Greek parish in America]: You wouldn’t catch me in a GOARCH even if it were the last open church for a 500 mile radius lol. Just making an observation based on facts presented. Devoid of emotion, salty or otherwise lol


CR: I wish there was a vomit emoji

Marjorie Kunch: RIGHT?!?!? Rules [social distancing] not applied equally to everyone IS disgusting. He imposes rules on the thousands under him and refuses to follow it himself is truly hypocritical.



See the White Supremacy and Racism section in our Archives 2017-19 and Archives 2020.

Marjorie Kunch is an author of children’s books for which Father Joseph Gleason has written the foreword. Use Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s internal search engine for the articles that we have published about Father Gleason. She has been interviewed by Bobby Maddex for Ancient Faith Radio. She is an energetic homophobe with a history of going out of her way to make trouble for LGBTQI Orthodox Christians and their families and allies with their bishops, parish priests, and other ecclesiastical institutions.

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