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As we journey to Bethlehem this Nativity Fast, please consider including the hungry and the homeless in your budget for Christmas gifts, decorations, new clothes, parties, and elegant meals.

On Christmas Eve, we will walk the streets of downtown Toronto delivering cash into the hands of our shivering brothers and sisters who wonder if they can afford a cup of coffee to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Since Christmas 2017, Orthodoxy in Dialogue has given tens of thousands of dollars on the streets of Toronto on Christmas, Pascha, and other times of the year—all provided by you, our faithful readers and lovers of Christ. Some years, we collect enough to give everyone $40. One year, we were able to give each person $100. We wish you could be with us to see their faces awash with tears of joy and gratitude, and to experience with us the rush of divine grace from on high as we encounter our newborn God and Saviour over and over again on our frozen sidewalks, who Himself had no home in which to enter the world and be born. Let’s strive together to make this our best year ever.

Send you contribution, whether large or small, to via PayPal. In your message, include your name, place of residence, and—if you wish—the name(s) of the person(s) in whose memory you make your offering. Check back often to see our total collections rise over the next six weeks. Donors’ names and our running total will be updated daily at the top of this post. Please also share this post widely on social media.

Send your offering as a gift, not as payment for a purchase.

Please pray with us that our merciful Lord, who comes to be born of the Virgin, grant success to our project.

We wish you a holy and spiritually fruitful Nativity Fast.