NCOD-1 (2)

Orthodoxy in Dialogue offers its support, love, and prayers to all Orthodox Christians whose sense of self falls somewhere along the LGBTQ spectrum, and to their families.

We pray for the day when who we are can be affirmed in the Church on earth as it already is in the Church in heaven.

We pray for the day when we can meet our future partner in church, or bring our partner to church.

We pray for the day when our lifelong, monogamous commitment to our partner can be blessed and sanctified in and by the Church.

We pray for the day when we can explore as Church, without condemnation, how we Orthodox Christians can best live our life in Christ in the pursuit of holiness, chastity, and perfect love of God and neighbour.

We pray for the day when our priests no longer travel around the world to condemn us and mock us and use us as a punching bag.

We pray for the day when the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church of Christ ceases to be our loneliest closet.

We pray for the day when our brothers and sisters in Christ cease to pity us, and simply accept us as their brothers and sisters and fellow strugglers, working out our salvation together with them, serving Christ and His Church together with them, reflecting and praying on these questions of life and death together with them: for all are one in Christ, all members of His one body.

We pray for those who suffer persecution, mocking, bullying, rejection by their families, abandonment by their spiritual fathers and church communities, and struggles with suicide.

We pray for those who have departed this life before us, especially those who have died from violence or by their own hand.

We pray for our enemies, even as we strive to love them as the Gospel commands us.

We pray for the forgiveness of our sins, for each of us stands before God as the first among sinners.

We pray for the strength and love to endure our sufferings without bitterness, for our beloved Lord and Saviour Himself has shown us the supreme example of love crucified.

Lord, have mercy. Κύριε, ἐλέησον. Господи, помилуй. Doamne, miluieşte.

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