Giving Tuesday 2022: The Complete Toolkit For Nonprofit Organisations

Beloved brothers, sisters, and siblings in Christ, faithful readers, followers, supporters, writers, and Patrons,

Today, November 29, is Giving Tuesday. 

We know this day comes at a time when we already feel stretched thin and exhausted by charitable appeals bombarding us from all directions. Ours comes as one more. Consider ours a gentle appeal, with no pressure at all. We want you to respond, or not, as your heart prompts you in peace. If you can’t contribute financially to one of the following options, we cherish your prayers for us as much as your monetary offerings. Be assured of our unworthy prayers for each of you as we progress by slow degrees to Bethlehem at the Chalice and in our souls, transfigured by the joy of our Creator’s coming to be made one of us in human flesh.

We cannot provide a charitable receipt for tax purposes. We hope this doesn’t present a deterrence for  any of you.

  1. Consider our sixth annual Nativity Fast GoFundMe campaign to deliver cash into the hands of the hungry and the homeless on the cold streets of downtown Toronto. Traditionally, we take our “mercy walk” on Christmas Eve and Day to deliver your gifts of money to them.

  2. Consider becoming a Patron of Orthodoxy in Dialogue through a monthly autopay on our Patreon page. Your name will be listed in perpetuity on our Patrons page. You can also choose to be listed as “Anonymous.”

  3. Consider becoming a Patron of Orthodoxy in Dialogue through a one-time or occasional donation to via PayPal. Your name (or “Anonymous,” if you choose) will be listed in perpetuity on our Patrons page.

  4. Consider sharing this post widely on social media and with your email contacts.

Our Patrons enable us to pay our annual WordPress fees, update our computer and related equipment when needed, and supplement editor Giacomo Sanfilippo’s inadequate student funding as he struggles against multiple odds to keep a roof over his head while he completes his PhD thesis and serves the Church through his work on Orthodoxy in Dialogue.

May our Lord, God, and Saviour, who comes again to be born in our hearts and souls, bless you all richly for your kindness and your prayers.