Over the weekend Orthodoxy in Dialogue reached the amazing milestone of 500,000 views in our short two and a half years of publication. It’s you—our loyal readers, subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook group members, Patrons, guest writers, letter writers, and even our haters!—who have made this possible. Thank you so much!

Many, many thanks also to the several of you who, your names unknown to each other, not only bought us a new computer but paid our WordPress fees through July 2021. Only with your generous contributions are we able to carry on.

Finally, the words of encouragement that many of you have sent by email, Twitter, text, or private message once I got back onto Facebook mean more to me than you can imagine. I thank each of you with all my heart.

The recent dust-up with Facebook seems to have come from “someone” complaining that Orthodoxy in Dialogue publishes “abusive” content. Although I was readmitted to Facebook after 48 hours, I am temporarily restricted from posting links anywhere on Facebook—not on my timeline, nor to the group that I own and moderate, nor in comments at either location. I am also restricted from joining groups, or posting in groups that I don’t manage. This is odd because I only belong to a few, and am welcome in all of them.

I’m not sure if others can use the Facebook share buttons on the blog. So far, we have not been blocked from Twitter.

Pray for me, as I do unworthily for you.

Your brother,

Giacomo Sanfilippo, Editor

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