Orthodoxy in Dialogue wishes to offer a sincere thank you to the thirteen individuals who contributed to our Lenten Reflections and made the series a success. We launched this project not knowing if anyone at all would respond, let alone if every space would be filled. One hierarch and ten priests from five jurisdictions and two laywomen offered inspiring messages week by week to encourage our readers in this year’s journey to Pascha.

A special word of thanks to the women for taking a chance on us and reaching out: the project was initially limited to bishops, priests, monks, and nuns. Apparently the Lord had other plans.

Although not a Lenten reflection strictly speaking, the iconographic meditation on the Annunciation also gives us reason to be thankful.

From the number of views, shares, retweets, Facebook comments, private messages, and face-to-face conversations, we know that many people around the globe were touched by these reflections.

In case some of our readers missed any of them, or would like to reread them as part of their Holy Week discipline, we list the authors here in chronological order. Each name links to his or her reflection.

Father Richard René (OCA)

Father Andrew Kishler (AOCA)

Bishop David (Mahaffey) (OCA)

Father Joel Weir (OCA)

Father Seraphim Holland (ROCOR)

Father Ihor Kutash (UOCC)

Father Isaac Skidmore (OCA)

Father Sergius Halvorsen (OCA)

Father Nicolas Kazarian (GOA)

Susan Arida

Irina Gannota

Father Timothy Cremeens (OCA)

Teva Regule 

Father Stephen Clark (ROCOR)