Masters, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters in Christ, Readers, Followers, Patrons, Guest Authors, those who love us and those who hate us,
As we enter the season of the Fast with joy, striving with ever greater focus to complete the remaining time of our life in peace and repentance, I ask you to forgive me, a sinner, for any ways in which I have offended or sinned against you, knowingly and unknowingly, intentionally and unintentionally, whether in person, through my work on Orthodoxy in Dialogue, or through my social media interactions.
Our merciful God, who always grants what we ask in His Son’s name, already forgives any who have sinned or will sin against me in ways great and small.
Pray for me during these Forty Days as I pray unworthily for you. May He bring us all together as one before the Empty Tomb.
Your unworthy brother and servant of Christ,
Giacomo Sanfilippo, Editor