The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world and rocked the Church, killing thousands, displacing millions, and threatening a new schism within Orthodoxy.

Sadly, many within the Russian Orthodox Church have come out in support of this unjust war, while most of the rest of the Orthodox world has condemned it. Nonetheless, there have been some voices for peace in the Russian Church, such as Sister Vassa Larin, who has spoken bravely against the war.  

We invite you to join us on April 8 at 13:30 UTC (9:30 EDT, 14:30 BST, 15:30 CEST) for a free live webinar with Sister Vassa Larin, Deacon Brandon Gallaher, and Sergei Chapnin for a discussion of what Christian witness looks like in a time of war. These three panelists have deep roots in the Russian Orthodox Church, and have all spoken clearly against this war. Join us to hear their perspectives on how Christians can and should respond to this invasion, even when the Church is not speaking clearly. You will have the opportunity to submit questions live to our panelists.

Sister Vassa is a prominent nun of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, as well as a podcaster, writer, and catechist. Deacon Brandon Gallaher is Senior Lecturer of Systematic and Comparative Theology at Exeter University in the UK, a prolific author, and deacon of the Church. Sergei Chapnin is a religious scholar and former deputy editor-in-chief of the Moscow Patriarchate Publishing House, and served as a secretary for the Commission of the Moscow Patriarchate on Church, State, and Society.

Please email office@incommunion.org to register.

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Боже великий, єдиний, нам Украïну храни. Great and only God, protect Ukraine for us.