Image result for monastic scribe"What our most extreme, name-calling, hell-invoking-on-our-heads revilers cannot do may be accomplished by the imminent death of our 9-year old computer.

To replace it adequately will run to about $1400, funds which we simply do not have.

If you would like to make a contribution toward our new computer—whether substantial or small—kindly send it via PayPal using editors@orthodoxyindialogue.com as the recipient. (If you reside in Canada and prefer to use inter e-Transfer, contact us for the correct email address.)

Contributors to our computer fund will be added to our Patrons page if you’re not already listed there. You may choose to be listed anonymously or in memory of loved ones fallen asleep before us.

Any excess that we collect will be shared with our Friend and yours, Christ in multiple hungry and homeless disguises on the streets and in the subway stations of downtown Toronto.

In return, all we can offer is our gratitude, our unworthy prayers for you, and our solemn promise to keep on keeping on—so help us God.

P.S. Please share this widely with your social media friends who value our work and might be willing and able to help.