LentOrthodoxy in Dialogue’s “partial hiatus” has evolved to mean that we will continue to publish over the next few months as seems good to us, but much less frequently than we have done until now.

We will be happy to consider Lenten Meditations from now until Pascha. Note the following differences from last year’s Lenten series:

1). Laypersons (men, women, and youth) are welcome to submit a meditation for consideration as well as hierarchs, priests, deacons, and monastics.

2). This year we seek meditations on the general themes of fasting, asceticism, prayer, repentance, almsgiving, renunciation of the ego, the pursuit of chastity and purity, forgiveness, etc., rather than restricting ourselves thematically to the Sundays of Great Lent. (You may, however, write on the theme of one of the Sundays if you wish.)

3). You need not be Orthodox to write for this series, provided that your meditation have relevance for a mainly Orthodox audience.

Take a few moments to check the Lenten Reflections 2018 section in our Archives by Author so as not to duplicate what we published last year, and the Submission Guidelines for general requirements and instructions for writing for us. For this series you must limit yourself to 1000 words. 

Finally, we are looking for meditations of spiritual depth which will inspire our readers to love God above all else and the least of our neighbours as ourselves, to see our own transgressions, and not to judge our brothers and sisters.

In short, inspire us to strive for saintliness in all things.

It is highly recommended that you email us before you start writing to inquire if someone else is already working on the same theme that you have selected.

You may wish to bookmark our Triodion & Pentecostarion 2019 for easy reference.
Orthodoxy in Dialogue seeks to promote the free exchange of ideas by offering a wide range of perspectives on an unlimited variety of topics. Our decision to publish implies neither our agreement nor disagreement with an author, in whole or in part.
Orthodoxy in Dialogue is on partial hiatus until late spring/early summer 2019.