bridegroom (1)On January 7 Orthodoxy in Dialogue issued this invitation to Orthodox bishops, priests, monks, and nuns to write a brief reflection for one of the preparatory Sundays, one of the Sundays of Great Lent, Lazarus Saturday, or Holy Week. 

We are deeply grateful to the bishop and eight priests whose reflections we have already published or are scheduled to publish in the coming weeks. See “Lenten Reflections” near the top of our Archives by Author for a list of past and upcoming reflections.

The following spots are still open:

  1. Sunday of Orthodoxy
  2. Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt
  3. Lazarus Saturday
  4. Palm Sunday

Email us at if you would like us to reserve a spot for you. We will send you a reminder a week before your publication date. You should submit your manuscript no later than the morning or afternoon of the day before the liturgical day for which you are writing.