Orthodoxy in Dialogue has launched the Reformation 500 Series, for which a separate category has been created on the Archives by Author page before the alphabetized list of authors.

We invite Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox clergy, bishops, theology students, and theology professors to write a 1000-word reflection on Reformation 500, whether you take a more positive or less positive position. We ask only that you avoid a polemical, confrontational, or triumphalistic tone in your writing.

We hope to publish several articles from several traditions between now and the end of 2017.

Please look at the articles that have already appeared in the Series so as not to submit a near duplicate. 

As of October 8, 2017 Orthodoxy in Dialogue has had close to 19,000 visitors from 108 countries. This is a good opportunity especially for theology students to start gaining some global exposure.

Send your submission to