The relevance of this Guide for readers of Orthodoxy in Dialogue lies in the complicity of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Kremlin’s endless manufacture of fake news. The main organs for the church-related disinformation campaign from Russia—particularly as it pertains to Ukraine—seem to be the Department for External Church Relations, the Union of Orthodox Journalists, and Pravmir (“Orthoworld”). These three report regularly on the nonexistent “persecution” and “violence” directed against  Ukraine’s Moscow Patriarchate adherents—nonexistent because never corroborated in the secular press such as the Kyiv Post. (For more context see our When Kremlin and Patriarchate Cry Wolf Together.)
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The Russian propaganda machine produces endless streams of fakes and manipulative stories. While at times they may seem outrageous or silly, they are far from being random. Russian propaganda for both domestic and foreign audiences follows techniques that stem from Goebbel’s times. Ultimately, it is a weapon of war. In our series A guide to Russian propaganda, we examine how propaganda works, and how one can avoid falling for it.

Part 1: Propaganda prepares Russia for war

Russian propaganda for Russians differs greatly from the propaganda served for foreigners. Outside the country, propaganda is mainly a tool of division, lobbying for Russian foreign interests, or muddying the waters. But inside Russia, its rulers use propaganda to direct their populace, squash dissent, and instruct them in the core political beliefs that they find most useful. One of most useful ideas for this is a particular Russian form of anti-Americanism.  Read more >>>

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