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Cherniak, Misha (Editor) — Misha Cherniak (also spelled Misza Czerniak), an Orthodox Christian born in Russia and now resident in Poland, is also a musician, translator, and LGBT activist. You can order your copy of this book, which he co-edited with Olga Gerassimenko and Michael Brinkschröder, from Amazon. See Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s book review by Giacomo Sanfilippo. 
Gannota, Irina (Iconographer, Artist, Artisan) — Irina Gannota is an Orthodox Christian who lives and works in Moscow, Russia. She specializes in lithophane icons in porcelain. You can purchase some of her works on Amazon or contact her via her website to commission a piece. She has written for Orthodoxy in Dialogue.





Hamrick, James K. (Author) — Father James Hamrick is a parish priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. See his website for a detailed description of his book, episcopal endorsements, etc. You may order your copy from Amazon.



Karlson, Henry (Author) — Henry Karlson is an independent Byzantine Catholic scholar who holds an MA in Theology from Xavier University in Cincinnati and blogs at A Little Bit of Nothing on the Patheos website. His book examines Balthasar’s theology of hope, which is influenced by Russian religious thought and similar to that of Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware). You may order your copy directly from the publisher. See the author’s summary on Orthodoxy in Dialogue.



Mihalache, Marin (Poet, Priest) — Father Marin Mihalache is a priest of the Romanian Episcopate of the Orthodox Church in America. You may order his newly published volume of poetry on Amazon. Orthodoxy in Dialogue published an introduction to the volume, a small selection of its poems, and a letter to the poet earlier in life from Father Alexander Schmemann here


Morris, Stephen (Author) — Stephen Morris is a member of the Episcopal Church, independent scholar of Byzantine church history, and novelist. He studied under John Boswell at Yale University and Fathers Alexander Schmemann and John Meyendorff at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. See his website for a detailed description of his book, reviews, etc.  You may order your copy from Amazon. He has written for Orthodoxy in Dialogue.



(Puhalo), Archbishop Lazar (Author) — Archbishop Lazar is a retired hierarch in the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) and founder of All Saints of North America Monastery in Dewdney BC. See his interview about his book here.  You may order your copy from Amazon.



Riggle, Charlotte (Author) — Charlotte Riggle is an Orthodox Christian, writer of children’s picture books, poet, technical writer, wife, mother, and advocate for children with special needs and their parents. See her website for where to order her picture books and other merchandise in various parts of the world. See Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s book review by Elizabeth Hawkins.

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Thallas, Tracy (Designer) — Tracy Thallas is an Orthodox Christian who designs historically-inspired blackwork and other embroidery patterns for home and liturgical use. She is also a wife, mother, grandmother, and veteran. She has two websites (here and here) where you can examine her work, purchase patterns and finished pieces, and inquire about custom work. 





Tolchenov, Roman and Ilya (Software Developers) — This Orthodox father-and-son team resides in London UK where they have created Orarion, the world’s first scorewriter designed specifically for notating Orthodox Christian choral music. It combines a user-friendly notation system with powerful automation to allow users to create beautiful and clearly presented sheet music quickly and easily. Read a detailed explanation of Orarion here.