NOTE: The following photo and video were not submitted to us by Aidan Trenham. He had no involvement in our acquisition of these materials, and has no knowledge of our decision to publish them. He did, however, post them publicly to social media as a heart-rending cry for help. To publish or not to publish was an enormously difficult decision. Ultimately we felt compelled to do so because there are younger children still at the Trenham home and altar boys at St. Andrew’s Church in Riverside. The institutional church only responds to bad publicity. Parents at St. Andrew’s and elsewhere need to be able to make informed decisions about the adults with whom their children will and will not be allowed to interact, especially unsupervised.
For over two years, both privately and publicly, we have warned Patriarch John of Antioch, Metropolitan Joseph, and the hierarchy and administration of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese that Josiah Trenham’s spiritual and pastoral malfeasance toward women and LGBTQI children, youths, women, and men—in his homilies, his guest lectures around the world, his writings, and his video and audio productions—was almost certainly a red flag for physical and sexual domestic abuse. We wept through Mr. Trenham’s testimony of being sodomized and beaten as a child.
Of particular interest is the fact that the “pro-life” Josiah Trenham has a 5- or 6-year old granddaughter, created by God as very beautiful in His own image, unacknowledged and disowned by her archpriest grandfather as “an abomination” because he disapproves of the mother.
We and our hundreds of thousands of readers around the world extend our heartfelt love and support to Chad, Aidan, their other siblings, Chad’s little girl, and the child’s mother. Please know that you are infinitely precious and beloved in the eyes of Christ, of His Most-Pure Mother, and of all the saints and angels in heaven.
Anyone who studies religious psychology knows that extreme moralism is always a disguise to cover one’s own immorality.
Josiah Trenham is not now, nor has he ever been, the 21st century’s Chrysostom. The gig is up.
Patriarch John and Metropolitan Joseph: For the sake of Josiah Trenham’s wife, children, grandchildren, parishioners, and internet consumers, take action now. Depose him. Anaxios!
Aidan Trenham (L), Josiah Trenham (R).
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