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Father John Parker (L), Father Josiah Trenham (R)

One of the more interesting items on the program for the IOTA conference earlier this month in Iaşi was the abstract for Father John Parker’s paper, “Radechesis: A Radical Return to the Roots of Christian Catechesis.” 

In it, he singles out Father Josiah Trenham as a model catechist for our day.

Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s readers will recall that Fathers Parker and Trenham have a shared mission to travel the world preaching a “Gospel” of queer bashing.

To the best of our knowledge, though, Father Trenham alone has earned the distinction of coming to the attention of the Hatewatch Staff (the Hatewatch Staff!) at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The relevant titles published by Orthodoxy in Dialogue are the following:

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“For I Am Wonderfully Made”

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Baaalderdash! We’re All Just Sheep Here: A Response to Fr. John Parker’s LGBTQ Fearmongering

We urge you to read these carefully.

Let there be no mistake: If queer bashing kills, queer bashing in the name of Jesus Christ kills even more.

How much blood will certain of our Church’s priests have unawares on their hands as they approach the Dread Judgment Seat of Christ?

But Lord, they will ask, when did we see Thee and kill Thee? 

We know what His answer will be.

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