THE MARKETPLACE at Orthodoxy in Dialogue



Orthodoxy in Dialogue is pleased to announce the creation of a new page called The Marketplace, a space where Orthodox vendors—writers of books, artists, iconographers, artisans, vestment makers, and others—can promote their work to a global audience at no cost.

To be featured in The Marketplace you should be Orthodox or have a product specifically aimed at Orthodox buyers, and have a website of your own to which we will provide the link. Preference will be given to relatively unknown individuals who do not already have a global online presence.

If you would like to be listed in The Marketplace, write to us at to introduce yourself and your product. If we’re interested in moving forward, we will let you know what further information is required to construct your listing.

Vendors will be listed alphabetically by last name. Listings do not constitute an endorsement on Orthodoxy in Dialogue’s part. We assume no responsibility for the quality of the products advertised.

The Marketplace is not a monetized page. If you wish to support Orthodoxy in Dialogue directly, please see our Call for Patrons.

Orthodoxy in Dialogue is not a retailer. Vendors must have some other mechanism (their own website, an online retailer, etc.) to process orders and receive payments.

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